Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete Flooring is a popular flooring solution with the natural beauty of stone, when grinding the concrete surface to expose aggregates or stones in the concrete. Polished Concrete Floors are extreme durable, low in maintenance and create a unique and stylish look with maximum protection due to be a seamless finish. There are two types of polished concrete. The first one is called Grind & Seal, which is followed by the application of a topical surface sealer. The second is called Mechanically Polished Concrete where a densification of the concrete surface is carried out during the process with mechanically polishing the concrete in stages with finer diamond tools, which is then usually followed by a penetrating sealer. Polished Concrete Flooring are used in many environments such as residential, commercial and industrial applications where a long lasting solution to floor maintenance and a hard wearing protection is required.

Features & Advantages

  • Low maintenance & UV stable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • High durability
  • Excellent water & chemical resistance
  • Extraordinary resilience
  • Retards growth of mould, fungus, mildew and bacteria
  • Perfect for heavy-duty environments
  • Seamless flooring
  • Solvent free
  • Easy to apply, clean & maintain

Recommended Use

  • Restaurants & taverns
  • Pizzeria, Shops and Offices
  • Interior House Flooring
  • Schools, Stadiums & Hallways
  • Showrooms, Garages and Workshops
  • Lobbies, Lounges, Nightclubs & Foyers
  • Salons, Retail Stores and Wineries
  • Shopping Centres and Retail Flooring
  • Museums, Office Buildings & Galleries
  • Restaurants & Lunch Rooms
  • For High-end Decorative finishes & more….


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